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If our floors could walk

they'd turn heads!

Alas they can’t, and we can’t make them do it either.
But we DO other things that will make you your floors!

Laying hardwood parquet concept. Hammer and level on the floor.

New floor installation

Solid hardwood, engineered, and laminate.

We do

Install New Floors

One of the most exciting part about installing a completely new hardwood floor is that there are so many materials, styles and finishes to choose from. If you haven’t done so already, we can help you narrow down the right choice for your taste and your budget. We will even deliver the materials from the retailer of your choice.

We work quickly and efficiently, and we always keep you in the loop. Oh, and we leave no mess behind!


Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Sanding, staining, re-coating, buffing.

We do

Refinish Old Floors

If you’ve moved into a home that needs some work done — or your tried and true hardwood just needs a little TLC — sanding and restaining hardwood floors can breathe the life back into any room and make them feel completely new. We’ll help you find a finish that reflects your style and treat your home with the utmost care, virtually dust-free.

Refinishing is one of the great secrets of homeownership: it’s like getting brand new floors for a fraction of the cost!


All kinds of floor repairs

Cracks or buckles, squeaks and crackles.

We do

Repair damaged floors

Minor damage to hardwood floors can be repaired by a hardwood flooring professional, or even a handy do-it-yourselfer. If your floors need some attention, we’re ready to help with virtually all kinds of floor repairs.

  • Split or cracked wood
  • Gaps in the planks
  • Buckling
  • Cupped floors
  • Warped hardwood
  • Deep scratches
  • Noisy or squeaky underfloors

We can deliver any materials you purchase from local stores for a small fee.

Hardwood Floors Don’t Need to be Hard Work

Take it from us: installation and maintenance of hardwood flooring isn’t as daunting as you may think. Sure, working with a shoddy contractor can definitely cause things to go wrong, but with the right expertise and high-quality, sustainable materials, you can easily increase the beauty (and value!) of your home.

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We’ve been laying down the floors for almost 20 years.

Like well-maintained hardwood floors, we’ve only gotten better with time. Our level of craft and expertise is unparalleled, and it shows in our workmanship — and our customers’ testimonials.

More than 90% of our jobs come from referrals. Our customers love us because we’re detail-oriented, clean, quick, and big on communication. The team is professional, vetted, and completely committed to fulfilling your vision of your home. And our pricing is hard to beat!

Whether it’s Brazilian Cherry, Cork, Oak, or Bamboo, we’ll refinish or install a floor that you and your family will relish. To learn more about upgrading your home, contact us for a free and friendly consultation!

There’s not enough stars to fully rate how pleased I am with the work that Johnny and his team did with my kitchen/condo project. He took the care to not only explain the nuances along the way, but conducted the entirety of the project with a positive attitude.

~ Neil D.

Take our 5-star expert word for it

The worst decision you can make when installing or refinishing your hardwood floors isn’t the materials, finishing stain or styling — it’s the contractor you work with. An inexperienced contractor won’t know how to handle unforeseen obstacles. One who claims to be a “Jack of all trades” won’t be able to give you specialized advice. And any contractor with consistently negative reviews isn’t going to treat you and your project with the care and attention you deserve.

When picking a contractor for your hardwood flooring project, look for these 5 signs of excellence:

You receive consistent, reliable communication from the beginning.

If your contractor shows up late or not at all to your initial consultation and doesn’t give you a heads up, you won’t be able to rely on them in the future. This is your home and your project — you want to work with a genuine, certified professional.

They can answer any and all technical questions.

Having an informed, reasoned response for anything that comes up can only come from years — decades — of working in the field. That kind of historical knowledge is invaluable if anything were to go wrong in the middle of your project.

The quote for your project is detailed, fairly priced, and in writing.

Contractor’s quotes should be legally binding, so you want them to have the same kind of rigor and precision as any other binding document. If anything is vague or the contractor doesn’t require your official approval before work begins, you could be walking into frustrating situation with no legal standing.

They have a diverse portfolio for you to look at.

You want to know that your contractor has done the precise kind of work you’re looking for — your home shouldn’t be their guinea pig testing ground! Any contractor with experience will have a substantial, varied portfolio of past work to back up their claims.

Past customers rave about their amazing work.

Want to really know what a contractor’s like? Go straight to the horse’s mouth: their customers. If you see nothing but positive reviews and 5-star ratings on a contractor’s Yelp page, don’t think that it’s too good to be true — thank your lucky stars! You’ve found the best team for the job.

You think we qualify? Check out the reviews!

A Word From Johnny…

Hi, there! My name is Johnny “The Flooring Guy” Purcea, and I’m so glad you’re visiting my new website!

We are a family owned business established in 1999 in Chicago and have been doing hardwood floors for almost 20 years! We are more than qualified to satisfy even the most discerning tastes in flooring. Trying to live the American dream, we strive for perfection and a job well done that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

We are fully committed to our clients and strive to have a pleasant relationship with everyone. To learn more about upgrading your home with a beautiful, durable new floor, contact me for a friendly and free consultation.

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